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Taurus women have birthdays from April 20 to May 20.

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, gives them a fascinating and charming personality. Because of this, these graceful women attract men easily. They are lavish in affections and have a warm-hearted, magnetic personality. This can lead to affairs of the heart. Their kind, sympathetic nature makes them very susceptible, and they should guard against insincere flattery from men that can lead them astray. Taurus women often have two marriages in their lives. The first is usually a hasty one that takes place early in life. Their second marriage, which usually produces much happiness, is often to a Scorpio, Virgo, or Libra.

The women of this sign make devoted wives, always ready to sacrifice for those they love. They manage their homes well. Taurus women have a great love for children, and use great skill and wisdom when raising their children. They are truly the hands that rock the cradles and rule the homes.

When choosing a career, Taurus women usually do best when choosing something that requires social interactions and not originality. While they are seldom able to initiate great plans, they are very capable of following through ideas of others. They are seldom daunted by obstacles, and plod steadily on toward the final goal. They are practical business people in every sense. Their natural self-reliance allows them to accurately gauge public opinion. Coupled with their organizational skills, Taurus women are very effective in the worlds of finance and politics. Even though Taurus women do best in studies such as math and science that require much memory and little originality, they make excellent artists, gardeners, and photographers because of their skills with details.

Women of this sign do not find it difficult to accumulate money, and they are generous. This generosity often causes them to be burdened with the sorrows of others, and they must learn to control their sympathies.

Taurus women are among the most loyal of friends, but they tend to dominate the friendship. When there is a problem in the friendship, they can become bitter enemies who can't forgive and forget. When Taurus women can conquer this fault, their lives are much more harmonious.

Taurus women can be safely guided by their first impressions, in love or in work. However, they should make all life decisions when they are alone and free of influence and excitement from other people. If they do, their decisions are much more likely to be of their judgment, which is usually excellent.

Taurus women take immense pleasure in food and drink. The tendencies to eat too much rich food and partake of too many alcoholic drinks must be carefully watched throughout life. Their whole nature seeks physical enjoyment in all forms, and this must be restrained with self control. Anger, haste, excitement, and overexertion are very often sources of health problems, especially related to the heart, throat, liver, spleen, and kidneys.