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The Taurus is the sign of the bull. The birth dates that fall under the sign of Taurus are April 21st-May 21st. The star's name that can be found to find the aligning of stars in the sky that form the bull shape is call Mirach, also known as Andromeda’s Girdle. The degree position in the sky is 29 17’- 0 24’. This star could be seen from 1930 and will only be able to be viewed through the year 2000. The star closest to Mirach is Neptune and Venus. The constellation is called Beta Andromedae. The description of Mirach is a reddish yellow star located in the side of the girdle of Andromeda.

Some of the positive aspects of being born under the sign of Taurus is that they are an inspiration to other people. They have a brilliant mind and have excessive creativity. Being known to have good taste, they also have an inclination to mysticism. People born under that sign are known to have lots of artistic talents. Taurus’re good at keeping long-lasting relationships.

Other characteristics that are not so good about Taurus are their secretive bad habits. They also have a strong fear of change. Being creative in a good sense often leads to excessive idealism and delusion. A Taurus is typically a nervous person and have a problem with losing control of emotional restraints. People born under that sign have a strong fear of change as well.

To a Taurus, education is a vital component in utilizing ultimate potential. Most generally people born under this sign have a need to stimulate intellectual curiosity. A Taurus challenges others into power games if an enemy or foe. Even being a friend, it’s turned into a civil rivalry. Outer appearance often puts out a false front to inner strength, sensitivity, and idealism.

In work issues with a Taurus, they work hard and do not stop until they achieve their objectives. Typically a Taurus will take command and work hard. They will easily
succeed and rise to authority positions in a career. Expression in words is a strong suit for a Taurus, and some jobs that would be ideal to that would be speaking or writing, singing or acting. Perhaps being a teacher or judge is a good career due to the high intelligence. A
Taurus is drawn to investments, stock market, and publishing.

Being born under the sign of the bull means you desire an active and mentally challenging life, but you also desire a peaceful home-life. In matters of the heart they usually do your utmost to keep relationships on an even keel, although being very critical an arrogant can create tension and unrest. Taurus’s enjoy mentally stimulating people and share many common interests with their partner. They also possess a protective nature that
safe guards others.

Some people being born under the sign of Taurus are Queen Elizabeth II, Iggy Pop, Rollo May, and Aaron Spelling.