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Taurus the second sign of the Zodiac is an Earth sign. The ruling planet is Venus the Goddess of love and Beauty. If you were born April 21 - May 21, you are a Taurus. Taurus people are determined and patient people. Their calm and easygoing manner reflects on enjoyment forlife.

Taureans do not like to rush into things, with Venus as their ruling planet they are sensual, and attractive to the opposite sex. Taurus is a practical earth sign, they believe the basic comforts oflide such as food and home should always come first. Taureans are the symbolic bankes of the Zodiac with most of them making lists of all their money dealings. They can be experts at evaluating things, everything from money matters to themselves.

Taureans are geneous with loved ones, they are also loyal and devoted friends. Tayrean people need to feel grounded and stable. In times of change they may have problems adapting to new situations.

Taurean personalities love pleasure and confort. These individuals are pragmactic and perserving and strive steadfast toward their goals. Strong in
their desires to build a firm foundation. Taureans usually atrract and achieve success.