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Scorpio is the eighth sign in the stars and on the zodiac chart. This is the birthdays from October 23 through November 21. To find the stars in the sky at night forming a scorpian it is by the fixed stars Agena and Unkalhai. The degrees are 22 48'-23 45'. You will be able to see the scorpian until the year 2000 is over. It has been visiable since the year 1930. The primary star is Agena and the constellation is called Beta Centuris. The description of Agena is a small white star located on the right foreleg of Centar.

People born under the sign of Scorpio are intuitive and thoughtful people with a pragmatic approach. Scorpians are good with oganizational and planning skills. Known as a rational thinker, they like to make good use of the knowlege they have aquired. It is said that Scorpios are perfectionists and they like to suceed in rea\search projects, whether in school or in work.

The secret side to a scorpio is that they are extremly sensitive and vulnerable, although the outside they appear to be confident, dramatic, and strong. Scorpians are willing to make sacrifices for their work and realize that it's hard work that accomplishes greatness. They are also known to be the sign of great mystery and sexual power. Scorpios have power of suduction.

Some of the professions that Scorpios would be good at would entail being self-employed. Their keen mind however could attract professions in research, education, law, or advisory positions. Such positions would include psychology or philosophy. In anything that they do, they must be determined to do it. If they do not like the job,people, or enviroment, a Scorpian will often leave to find a job that is more suitable for them.

The type of person a Scorpio would best attact relationship wise would be someone that positively stimulates their mind or people from foreign conuntries. Once they are committed, they become very loyal, loving, and supportive. With Scorpians being under the water sign, it shows that they are very emotional people. They will fight fiercely to protect what they claim is their own, but cry for days on end when they lose it; being a relationship or something as simple as a pet.

Scorpians are very complex yet so very simple once you understand what buttons you can and can not push. They will either be your best friend or your worst enemy: there is no happy medium with them. Scorpians are so loyal that they will do anything for another, even risking themselves trouble. In that same respect they will do anything they can do get you back in revenge.