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Sagittarius women have birthdays from November 23 to December 21.
Because they are born at the time of year when the days are the shortest and the nights the longest, these women are gifted with great wisdom that gives them the ability to see things in a different light. Their powers of concentration are extraordinary and they are very hard workers. Because of this, they can be very successful in their endeavors. They excel in careers relating to the financial world and seek out positions with potential for advancement and personal growth.
Early in life most women in this sign realize the need for a thrifty and economical lifestyle. They are neither misers nor skinflints, but they frequently become wealthy just saving what others would squander. It is the stability of character that leads to their fortune. Few Sagittarius women are without financial resources in their later years.
Methodical and orderly, Sagittarius women are too wise to divide their energies among many different undertakings. They do one task at a time and do it well. Their minds travel like lightning to a logical conclusion, and in an instant their judgment is formed, and they follow with action. Courage is a natural gift and in serious emergencies Sagittarius women are leaders because of their intelligent actions.
These women have a jovial and warm-hearted personality. Their geniality keeps them surrounded by people. However, the intensity of this sign gives them a tendency to carry things to extremes, so they are the best of friends or the worst of enemies. However, they do not dwell on holding grudges; instead, they ignore their enemies. Usually these women have a few close friends to whom they are very loyal instead of a lot of casual acquaintances.
These interesting conversationalists have keen intellects that keep them abreast of the times. However, they often interrupt a conversation because they have already mentally anticipated what the other person will say. It's hard, but necessary, for them to realize that other people have slower thought processes.
Women of this sign need to guard against a tendency to marry on impulse. When disappointed in love affairs, their whole life is apt to become bitter. They are too proud to show their regrets, and too conventional to seek outside help. Often they appear the picture of wedded bliss when they are really miserable. They should seek husbands with great care, and endeavor to marry men on the same social and intellectual level. They make faithful wives who truly enjoy keeping house and raising their children.
Sagittarius women become fretful if they're not kept busy. Travel is of great appeal to them, but even on vacations they prefer a lot of activity. This reckless expenditure of physical activity can lead to nervous exhaustion due to a lack of relaxation. Walking and deep breathing exercises in fresh air can help them keep their spirits up so they won't become nervous and irritable. It is also important for women of this sign to avoid their natural tendency to eat fast in order to avoid digestive disorders.