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The major arcana are considered trump cards. They represent the deepest form of personal experiences. The minor arcana is divided into 4 suits; swords, pentacles, wands and cups.
The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards; 22 are the major arcana and 56 are the minor arcana.
he swords represent agression, courage and struggle
The pentacles represent money, employment, finances
The wands represent personal growth
The cups represent emotions

The meanings of the cards are as follows:


0 The Fool
This is a warning card. Unexpected change is coming and you must look before you leap. Avoid making rash, or immature decisions.

I The Magician
This card represents creativity and imagination; the time to put your artistic ideas to use.

II The High Priestess
This card represents a change or fluxuation coming in your life.

III The Empress
This card is usually drawn for a pregnant woman, or a woman soon to be married. This card represents fertility and values.

IV The Emperor
This card represents a man of authority.

V The Hierophant
This card kindness, patience, alliance.

VI The Lovers
As the card states, this is a card of love.

VII The Chariot
This card represents power of adversity; triumph.

VIII Strength
This card represents strength, wisdom, enlightenment; courage of convictions.

IX The Hermit
The hermit is telling you that to get whatever it is that you are desiring,, you will have to go out and get it. It will not come to you on it's own.

X Wheel Of Fortune
This card represents destiny and fortune. You are coming to a crossroads in your life and the choices you make could have a huge impact on your life. Make your choices carefully.

XI Justice
This card represents balance, fairness and harmony.

XII The Hanged Man
This card represents indecision. It can also mean that your life feels stagnanted, in a rut.

XIII Death
This card can mean the death of someone close to you, but it usually means an ending. An ending of a career or a job, of a relationship.

XIV Temperance
This card represents moderation and frugality. Possibly a time to make a budget and bring more balance into your life.

XV The Devil
The devil represent chains of desire, fear, lust. It usually means an inappropriate relationship, such as with someone who is married, or much older or younger or any other reason the relationship is making you feel uncomfortable.

XVI The Tower
The tower represents a sudden change, or disruption in your life.

XVII The Star
The sun represents spirituality, hope, faith and inspiration.

XVIII The Moon
This card represents your instincts.

XIX The Sun
The sun represents the good things in life; success, love, satisfaction.

XX Judgement
This card represents opportunity. A promotion, or a better job. It could mean an emotional rebirth; a relationship you thought was over is now getting better than you imagined.

XXI The World
This card represents structure, ambition and success.

Kings represent men, queens represent women, knights are young men & pages are children.
The following are physical characteristics of kings, queens, knights and pages only.

Swords are people with dark hair
Pentacles are people with very white or jet black hair
Wands are people with blond or red hair
Cups are people with light brown hair


Ace Of Swords: A new beginning, a triumph of a struggle

II Of Swords : A balance of forces

III Of Swords :Disappointment, adversity

IV Of Swords :A time for reflection and personal growth

V Of Swords :Conquest

VI Of Swords :Travel, and/or adjustments

VII Of Swords :Unexpected change in business

VIII Of Swords:Crisis, conflict, change

IX Of Swords :Misery, challenge

X Of Swords :Pain, ruin


Ace Of Pentacles:A new beginning financially. Prosperity.

II Of Pentacles :Difficulty

III Of Pentacles :Opportunity, dignity

IV Of Pentacles :Stinginess, materialistic

V Of Pentacles :Loss

VI Of Pentacles :Generosity, kindness

VII Of Pentacles :Wealth

VIII Of Pentacles :Skill and effort

IX Of Pentacles :Success

X Of Pentacles :Prosperity & security


Ace Of Wands:A new beginning of personal growth, a reinvention of self

II Of Wands :Attainment of goals

III Of Wands :Enterprise and opportunity

IV Of Wands :Harmony

V Of Wands :Competition

VI Of Wands :Hope, good tiding

VII Of Wands :Success

VIII Of Wands :Positive change, optimism

IX Of Wands :Challenge

X Of Wands :Time to come to terms with your past


Ace Of Cups :A new emotional beginning; love and joy

II Of Cups :Consentual love

III Of Cups :A time to rejoyce

IV Of Cups :New responsibilties, ideas, even a new relationship

ps :Loss

VI Of Cups :Desire, nostalgia

VII Of Cups :Dreams, illusions

VIII Of Cups :Disappointment, shyness

IX Of Cups :Success

X Of Cups :Happiness

To do a reading of the cards, you must first choose a card that identifies the person who the reading is for. For this you would choose a king, queen, knight, or page. For example, I am a woman with light brown hair, so I would choose the queen of cups. This card is called the signifier.

You would place the signifier in the center of the table. Then have the the one who the reading is for shuffle the cards, cut them 3 times, put them back together anyway they want, then give the cards back to you.

Then place a card to the right of the signifer; this card represents what issue at hand is
Place a card to left of the signifier; this card represents how it is affecting you
Place a card above the signifier; this card represents what you hope or expect the outcome to be
Place a card below the signifier; this card represents hidden influences regarding the issue
Now place a card on top of the signifier; this card represents the ultimate outcome