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Pisces women have birthdays from February 20 to March 20.
They are absolutely trustworthy and able to assume great responsibility. When important projects are entrusted to them, they work with tireless energy. They always feel that they can make money when in the employment of others, but their restless nature may make it hard for them to go into business for themselves. Pisces women often find it hard to make a decision because they see all sides to a question. While not original thinkers, they can follow out master plans very well and make the dreams of others a reality. They are quick to offer help, but extremely reluctant to ask for it themselves. They are vulnerable because they tend to see only good in other people, and this makes them easy victims of shrewd and unscrupulous schemers. Many have lost significant sums of money to family members or supposedly close friends. They are best suited to business and sales careers, with plenty of room for advancement, under highly organized management. This will bring out their intellectual abilities and boundless energy while controlling their tendencies to procrastinate and to be careless with details.
The whole souled generosity of these women is one of their most loveable signs. They are genuinely happy when friends and family achieve success. There's not a jealous bone in their bodies. But Pisces women have a tendency to "fly off the handle" and say absurd things, which they later deeply regret. It is important for them to master self-control if they are to establish good personal and professional relationships.
It is best for these women to conquer their inborn restlessness before settling down in marriage. When they do, they are extremely fond of the ties in marriage and in the responsibilities of managing a home and family. They are modest and not fond of open displays of affection. These extremely generous women make excellent hostesses who spare no expense and entertain in a tastefully decorated home adorned with some things they have made. They are ideal mothers and wives. However, their husbands must be prepared to deal with their fits of weeping.
Being born under a water sign means Pisces women should avoid intoxicating beverages. They need to overcome their tendency to forgetfulness and carelessness when it comes to their health and practice good hygiene, such as frequent hand washing. Many ailments are brought on by over anxiety and unnecessary worry. Calmness is not a natural trait, but one they must strive to achieve if they want happiness and harmony in their lives. Pisces women must also concentrate on their posture, as they have a tendency to droop their shoulders, as if carrying the weight of the world. They should also carefully select their shoes because they have a natural tendency to suffer foot problems, including falling arches, corns and ingrown toenails.
Pisces women can have happy, harmonious lives surrounded by close friends and family who deeply care about them if they learn to control their tongues, conquer excessive worrying that leads to poor health, and believe in their many abilities.