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Being born under the sign of Pisces would mean being born under the birth dates of February 20th through March 20th. The star’s name is Al Haut. This star can be found in the sky with the degrees 2 51’- 3 51’. The constellation is call Alpha Pisces Australis. The star is closest to Venus and Mercury in the sky. The star’s description is a reddish white star located in the mouth of the southern fish.

Some good qualities that go along with being born under the sign of Pisces would be that they learn to budget well. Once adapted to a situation a Pisces can make life easier by knowing exactly how to budget money as well as time. A Pisces is a very idealist person. They have a good imagination which leads to lots of creativity. Having good
social sense they get along well with others. In life they have many aspirations, both in a career and in a personal life.

Some bad qualities that go along with being born under the sign of Pisces would be that they are very misunderstood a lot. They are very impressionable people and often make quick judgments about someone before even meeting them. Pisces also tend to speculate alot. They also tend to have a lot of costly legal matters due to snap judgments in people.

Pisces are prone to a lot of anxiety due to always taking on more responsibilities than they can handle. They are always helpful by taking care of someone else’s doings.
Pisces have good sense of values and are often very resourceful. High ideals and desire for harmony may inspire them to express themselves, whether social, in creative pursuits, or by fighting for a cause.

In matters of work a Pisces is creative and intelligent. They posses a good mind, strong imagination and good organizational skills. Often times because of friendliness they can win favor in people-related occupations. Being so creative and also having a sensitive
streak a good career for a Pisces would be in philosophy or helping others in a way. Also going into clergy, social reform, politics, or world of health would be a good choice.

Relationships and love with a Pisces is held on an idealistic level. They may hold on to high notions about love, so it can be difficult for loved ones to live up to their expectations. Although being sympathetic and kind they make sacrifices for those they love. Being spontaneous and giving their is danger, if becoming to preoccupied with their own needs, or may even come across as cold or detached at times. An ideal mate for a Pisces would be good with a mate that is giving and has a lot of patience.

Famous people born under this sign would be Robet Baden-Powell, Eward Kenedy, George Washington, and Julius Ewing.