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“This is Jane Doe. Can I get your name and date of birth? Let me give you my extension number just incase we get cut off or you would like to call me back.” Now that the psychic has managed to keep you on the phone for your free three minutes getting information, let the reading begin. The cost of your call is now going to go up to about $3.90 per minute to a more substantial amount.

Some psychics do know how to read the runes or tarot cards, but a lot of these so called psychics use their computers to read your cards. About 90% of the callers want to know if their significant other is cheating on them. A lot of others really just needd to talk to someone while not realizing just how high they are running up their phone bill.

Most phone psychics make nine to eleven dollars per hour of phone time, a substantial amount being made by the company itself. Though some of these psychics do have some abilities, most are ordinary people giving you a guess, not fact. A lot of the people would have benefited more through a certified counselor. Would your conscience allow you to rip these poor people off of so much money in their sorrows looking for advice? Everyone has an inner voice but tend not to listen to it, wanting someone else to give them advice.

The psychics themselves don't make much money when they probably only average fifteen minutes of phone time per hour. Though the companies would like them to keep people on the phone as long as possible, before you consider calling one of these 800 numbers or 900 numbers remember the cost and don't. It would be cheaper to talk to a psychic in your area or better yet talk to a friend, family member, or a counselor.

If you have a computer there are many free astrological sites that offer the same thing for free. So if you think these psychics are for real a big percentage of them are just like you. Also at around $3.90 a minute it would be a whole lot cheaper to check out a book at the library on the subject and read the cards yourself.