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Did you ever walk into a room and feel a cold spot? Smell perfume or pipe tobacco, only to look around and no one is there? Hear footsteps or see someone out of the corner of your eyes, when you knew you were alone? Felt really uncomfortable like someone was hidden in the room watching you, staring into your very soul? Been tapped on the shoulder by someone you couldn't see? Set something down to find it has been moved across the room, but no one's been there but you? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity?

I have met so many different people since researching this field who have experienced one or more of these things. I myself have experienced some of these things. Someone told me that when she was pregnant with her child she would experience shadowy forms who would frighten her whenever they appeared. Till finally when in her bathroom one day they appeared and she was surrounded by these apparitions, she literally could not move. After this frightening experience she and her husband went to their bishop for help. He told them he believed her child must be a very special spirit for these evil spirits to be trying to prevent its birth. The child was born into this world with a handicap, and turned out to be an extremely spiritual person. After the birth of this beautiful child they never experienced these shadow figures again. Was their bishop right? Were they trying to prevent the birth of her child?

Most of the stories I've heard were not as astounding as their's, but even in my own family people have experienced paranormal phenomena in one form or another. When my father was baptized he said he had seen his father who told him, "don't forget about your brother." My father was a twin, his brother had died when they were six months old. He didn't believe in people seeing ghosts or spirits until that day. When he told my mother and myself this, he cried, which was not like my father.

It is stories like these that keep me interested in this field, plus my own curiosity. Through talking to others I have found a great percentage of people have experienced the paranormal in one way or another.

Have you?