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Being born under the sign of a Libra would be the dates of September 23rd through October 22nd. The star’s name is called Zaniah. The degree position in the sky of
the star is 3 51’- 4 43’. This star has been able to be seen from the year 1930 through the year 2000. The constellation is call Eta Virgo. The star is closest to Mercury and Venus. The description is a variable white star located on the southern wing of Virgo.

The positive aspects in a Libra are their ability to handle detailed work, such as paintings and pottery. They are very visionary and can see a whole project before it is finished. Libra tend to be honest people yet they are very direct. Creating a good image gives them the ability to mix well with others. Honesty runs deep within a Libra as well.

Some negative aspects about a Libra are that they are conceited. They perceive a lack of drive and they look for the easy way to do things. Libra tend to be implosive and they squander things such as money. They can also be very stubborn, sticking to their guns in any aspect. Vanity is also very important to a Libra.

In a Libra, the childlike quality can sometimes reveal an immature steak within them. A mate that would best fit with a Libra would be someone with high intelligence and good standing in a community. Libra have high regard for those with wisdom and insight. They have a lack of drive and they need to always be challenging themselves with bigger and better opportunities.

A Libra in a work force is very determined and commanding. This type of character would best fit in a management position. They prefer to work alone, and a
career that changes is very nessicary. Libra tend to get bored and need to move up a line in a career or change jobs. Some good things for a Libra to get into would be law, education, science, and politics.

With Libra’s love and relationship, they give off a warm persona that puts others easily at ease. A Libra has strong need and desire to have large amounts of love and
attention. They are drawn to powerful and determined people. When getting into that type of relationship though a Libra tends to become too dependent on a partner. Libra however have the gift of being able to always mix business with pleasure.

Some famous people that are born under the Libra sign are Meat Loaf, Sam Adams, Mike Schmidt, and Jerry Lee Lewis.