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Leo is the sign of the lion. The birth dates to be born under the sign of Leo are July 23rd through August 22nd. The star’s name is North Asellus. You can find this star in the sky at 6 34’-7 35’. The constellation is called Gamma Cancer. The star is closest to Mars and the Sun. The description of the star is a pale yellow-white twin star locates on the body of the crab.

Some positive aspects of being a Leo are that they seem to be very fearless. Along with being fearless they have a very competitive nature which allows them to compete
with aggression. They are very patient people and have a lively personality. Leo’s tend to be independent and seem to be ambitious. They follow there intuition which most always leads them to the right place.

The negative aspects are they tend to be hasty. Believing strongly in their views they tend to be stubborn. Restlessness tends to occur from time to time as well. They are very proud people and tend to be overly dramatic. Leo’s can be extra sensitive and idealistic.

Leo’s being a seeker, they search far and wide looking for wisdom and learning all they can. Going to forgone places is a good thing for a Leo. They tend to speak their mind but often prefer to deeds to words. Rather than tell you why something is the way it is, they would rather just show you. They feel not only is that more gratifying, it proves their point. A Leo takes pleasure in entertaining and uplifting others with the talents they posses.

In the work force, a Leo is ambitious with organizational skills and will succeed in any job that gives them a lot of freedom. A Leo would prosper in a career as a lawyer or an educator. Also working with groups in the community that does a project directly for the community. Charity work is also good for a Leo, but they need to remember themselves in these ventures.

With the Leo’s charm they can be attractive to others, whether in a crowd or one to one. They are drawn to strong an dreaminess people, but in this type of relationship, power plays between the two are often used and abused. Women in a Leo/Leo relationship are more often likely to work out relationships problems, especially love relationships rather than men. Both sexes, however, suffer from restlessness.

Some famous people born under this sign are Geraldine Chaplin, Wesley Snipes, Loni Anderson, Neil Armstrong, and Patrick Ewing.