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By now most people on this planet have at least heard of auras but not so many are aware of their own or of its necessity. In simple terms the aura is an electrical field which surrounds the human body. It exists in reflection of our being alive. It shows that a life force is in existence. This field of energy is quite reflective of what is going on inside the individual and as an integral part of our existence does need regular maintenance just as much as any other part of our bodies.
To feel your own aura simply extend both your arms outward, close your eyes and begin to move your hands toward eachother. When you begin to feel something open your eyes and see how far apart your hands are. In most cases you will probably find that they are about 6 inches apart. What you feel is similar to a cusion of air. What you are feeling is in fact your aura "touching itself". This is a great first step in awareness of your aura.
Now that you are aware of what surrounds you like an extended epidermis you need to understand its function. The aura is in many ways an extension for all your sences. It makes transmits information to your brain concerning whatever it comes in contact with, it absorbs negativity to a certain degree and it reflects what is happening within your body.
This wonderful part of the human body can be seen by training your vision to accept that it is there. Auras reflect in colors which show your mood, health and state of spirit. This is generally accomplished by simply softening your view of an individual. Yes, it does take some practice but can in fact be done quite easily.
Since this field is electrical in nature it does tend to "absorb" negativity much like a magnetic field absorbs some dirt. When you are exposed to things like anger, confusion, sadness, these tend to "stick" to the aura. Obviously these are things you don't want to carry around with you so it becomes necessary that you cleanse the aura on a regular basis. You will feel much better and others (aware of auras or not) will see you in a much more honest light.
To cleanse the aura find a comfortable seated position much as you would in meditation. Visualize a beam of light, the purest brightest light of God entering the top of your head. This area is called the crown chakra. Feel that light, that wonderful light of life enter your body pushing all darkness and negativity outward as it fills you totally. Then continue to absorb this light until you can visualize it pushing out through the pores of your skin....cleansing and revitalizing all it passes through. When you can mentally visualize that it has extended not only through all of you, but also about 2 feet outside of you your aura will be cleaned.
This exercise should leave you feeling quite rested, revitalized, and refreshed. Practice this on a regular basis and you will enjoy the rewards of proper maintenance. Some of those benefits include the fact that when an aura is properly maintained it will allow you to have much more acute sensory awareness, alert you sooner to impending danger in many forms, and the aura itself will be strengthened by this exercise.