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Capricorn women have birthdays from December 22 to January 19.

Women of this sign are extremely good organizers and well suited for management positions. They make good teachers because they have inborn leadership skills and they are naturally patient and kind. No matter what they undertake, these women have an excellent sense of timing and move ahead cautiously with a quiet, calm determination. It may seem to others that they are not making progress, but they remain enthusiastic and usually don't abandon a project until they reach their goals. They are known for their patience and their sense of duty. Even though they don't ask for advice, many lack sel-confidence and must be encouraged by others in order to reach their full potential.

These women never show their real worth until they are left on their own with some definite responsibility. Then, and only then, they feel the world is resting on their shoulders and they rise to the challenge. They must be told, in effect, that it is up to them to make good. Feeling certain obligations rest solely on them gives them renewed energy to bring huge undertakings to a successful completion.

Education is important to these women and they are inclined to pursuits involving deep thinking. Even if they do not get a college degree they are always interested in learning more about the world around them.

In financial matters they are discreet and prudent. They display excellent judgment in most purchases. They are excellent money managers yet most will go through a period of life with limited financial resources. That is because during certain somber moods they have a tendency to make risky investments.

Religion is important in the lives of these women.

In love, Capricorn women are not fond of open demonstrations of affection. Because Capricorn is an earth sign, their love nature is deep and not on the surface. When they really love a man they want him all to themselves, and they will not tolerate affairs from a spouse. They make devoted and loving wives and mothers. Most Capricorn women do not have a large number of children. Despite their independent streak, they need praise and reassurance from those they love.

Capricorn women need to fight being pessimistic and revengeful. They tend to magnify their worries and problems and think their concerns are of interest to others. They can also be abnormally sensitive to slights and snubs from other people. They will often brood over minor things other people have said and done to them, and must strive to become less concerned about the actions of others toward them. These women must also fight their natural tendency to go to extremes on anything they undertake.

Women born under this sign are vulnerable to heart trouble, skin ailments and chills due to poor circulation. These conditions are brought on by worrying about others and anxiety to succeed. Cheerful company and bright, harmonious surroundings are essential for their good health. When they are able to conquer their ill feelings toward others and their desire to go to extremes on a project at the expense of their health, Capricorn women lead very happy and useful lives.