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When you were young, you closed your eyes, made a wish and blew out the candles on your birthday cake. You were practicing candle magic. Now you can learn to make a wish for a lover and save the calories and forget the cake.

The most important thing about Love Magic when working to attract love is to take the time to decide exactly what you want. Are you looking for a boyfriend, lover, husband, or soulmate? Be truthful with yourself. The spirits that grant your wishes don't take kindly when you change your mind. Why do I sound so serious? You need to realize that this Candle Love Magic really works.

Make a list describing the kind of person you want to manifest into your life in the immediate future. Next, purchase a nice slim red candle - a 9 inch taper is fine. Take time to clean and trim any excess wax from the bottom so it fits snugly in your silver candle holder. Take some ylang-yang oil and stroke the candle while picturing you and your new lover looking lovingly into each other's eyes. Dressing the candle with a lovely scented oil will speed your message.

Now the candle is cleaned and dressed with oil, get a small sharpe knife and carefully carve your initials into the candle in the middle, then carve a heart around the initials.

Take your list and have it close at hand. Remember every thought carries with it a positive vibration into the universe.

Light the candle, read your list describing your special someone. Spend just three minutes seeing yourself happy and in love with your new love. Next put out the candle. Do not blow it out, that will create bad luck.

Start this candle magic on the new moon. You will attract your new lover within 3 weeks to 6 months. Perform the candle magic for the next 10 days. Take your time. Be careful what you ask for, because you will get it.

What the new moon promises, the full moon delivers. Look for new people to show interest in you right around the full moon.