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This is a true story. It happened to me in the winter of 1998. My girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to camp out in the rain so we waited until a perfect rainy weekend and off went to the nearest campground, which happened to only be a few miles from my home.

When we arrived at the campground we were among only a handful of day hikers. We were the only people that were crazy enough to actually camp. To describe the scene of the day, it was cloudy, rainy and very cold, probably in the low 20's or so. Near sunset everyone who was day hiking was gone we were alone in the park. We pitched the tent and prepared our camp ground for the night.

Everything seemed fine, we ate dinner in the tent and prepared to sleep for the night. As we lay down in the tent I had no idea what was about to happen. Right after sunset we began to hear something walking in the woods, the only thing was it wasn't coming from any of the trails or places where anybody else was before. Shortly after that we heard something howling like a monkey. Now I have been to a lot of places camping and have heard and seen quite a few wild animals, this sounded like no animal that I have ever heard before. We stayed in the tent, at first we though it was only a few drunk teenagers playing a prank, but on that particular night it was cold and rainy and before we had finished unpacking I had gone back to the parking lot for something in the car and noticed that the parking lot was empty except for our car.

We heard the noises for several minutes. I recognized the sounds from a documentary that I had seen a few weeks before. From the sounds that we heard there appeared to be two of whatever it was stalking us. The sound that we heard was too apish sounding to be that of a human. Upon hearing it I immediately told my girlfriend that we needed to leave now, she thought I was crazy and that it was only teenagers but the moment we emerged from the tent all noise ceased. I felt like were being watched. We quickly packed our things and made out way towards the car in complete darkness, getting lost several times before finding the parking lot half an hour later.

A few weeks later armed with a camera and extra sensitive microphone we came back to the same spot that he had heard the sounds. We expected to only hear what we had heard before, we got a lot more than we anticipated.

We parked the car and stayed inside until dark, placing a microphone fifty feet in front of the car before hand just in case. Right after the sun set we were again alone in the park for the second time. I thought that I saw something move in front of the car and pointed it out to my girlfriend who was herself armed with a camera. She noticed what I did, namely a large creature that appeared to be hiding behind a tree. Every time a car would drive past on the road beside it would quickly side step behind the tree and then emerge again seconds later.

I immediately felt petrified by what I saw. As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness I saw that whatever it was, it was checking out the parabolic microphone that I had left some distance from the car. Because the moon was in back of it, all that we could see was its silhouette. The funny thing was this was our first time going out to check this thing out and it literally came to us in the comfort of the car.

It stayed for three hours. The only reason that we left was because after three hours we both had to use the rest room and were afraid to get out of the car and use the outdoor restrooms that although quite close to the car were still close to the woods. It seemed very interested in the equipment that we brought. At times it got down on all fours and sniffed the microphone, pawed with its hands and nudged it with its toes. I thought that it would most certainly be destroyed but when we came back the next morning to claim it, it was in the same spot.

When we came back we saw tracks on the forest floor, the tracks were nearly an inch in depth, unfortunately because they weren't distinct like those found in mud or snow we didn't take pictures. The other bad news was that the pictures that we did take were over exposed because of the lack of light. The one ray of light came in the audio, we recorded a half hour of the creature whistling, sniffing and walking back and forth in front of the microphone, unfortunately that doesn't exactly constitute as proof, at least the kind that really counts to the general public.