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Aries women have birthdays from March 21 to April 19.

The one great stumbling block that stands in the way of Aries women is that green-eyed monster, jealously. It is the one thing that brings more heartache and unhappiness into their lives than any of their other faults. In many ways Aries women are charming, and if it wasn't for this one fault they would possess a beautiful temperament. Much energy is lost through anger, impatience and quick temper.

Aries women must cultivate patience. And by "patience" they should understand not only the capacity to wait for things to work out, but bearing with the weaknesses of others. They must train their minds to master their bodies. This will prevent fiery outbursts of temper and intolerance of everyone who doesn't agree with them. If they only knew their great possibilities they would surely learn self-control, for without it no true peace of mind can come to them. Aries women possess great willpower, and they should overcome their weakness by compelling their higher nature to rule and dominate. It is also important that they learn to conquer their stubborness and to not do all the talking in a conversation. When they do, joy, happiness, and tranquility, as well as peace and prosperity, will come to Aries women.

Aries women are highly capable of positions of authority, trust, and responsibility. They aspire to lead and to rule. These self-assertive women are great conversationalists. It is best that they have a thorough understanding of the tasks required of them, and then be left alone to complete them by their own methods. These progressive, ambitious women often get a rapid promotion and succeed in the business world. Many eminent writers, teachers, lawyers, real estate agents, and actresses have been born under the Aries sign. Most Aries women have an enterprising nature that is not suited for mechanical careers. They are usually not well suited for any line of work that involves great detail from them or submission to the authority of others.

Aries women are good financiers with a large talent for making money, but they may not have developed the skill of saving money in their earlier years. They consider money a means to an end. Consequently they have a tendency to be great spendthrifts, often throwing away money to impress or to outshine others.

As a fire sign, Aries women are very intense in love, and require sympathy and affection more than anything else. They are often more affectionate than passionate. They are strongly attracted to men, but will have trouble and annoyance from the opposite sex unless they learn self-control. If she marries a man who does not understand her temperament, they are apt to be very unhappy.

For their best health, Aries women require a lot of sleep in a well ventilated room. Any discord in their lives, especially at mealtime, will probably result in sick headaches. Health troubles are often due to worry, anger, jealously, impatience, and lack of physical exercise. Calm environments, fresh air, and daily walks are very beneficial to them.