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Aries is the sign of the ram. The birth dates that fall under this astrology sign are March 21st-April 20th. The fixed star in the sky you need to find in order to see the ram in the sky is names Deneb Kaitos, also known as Dipda. In order to find this star the measurements in the sky are - 1 32’ - 2 27’. This star has been able to be seen since 1930 and will no longer be able to be located after the year 2000. This star is located by Saturn. Denb Kaitos is a yellow-orange star located at the tail of the whale. In the sky you should be able to clearly see the ram, in animal form.

Some of the positive aspects in an Aries are their perseverance and determination. They are typically very assertive yet friendly at the same time. Known to be cooperative, they are more a people person. People born under the Aries sign have the urge to be a part of a team and work best if in a team type atmosphere. They have sharp intuition and can impress others with an abundance of enthusiasm which in most cases is genuine.

There are also negative aspects of being born under this star. Aries people tend to have a lot of repression and frustration. They are very impulsive people and often change their direction without putting much thought into the new life change. Being argumentative often leads to the fact that they are very stubborn people and do not compromise well. People born under this sign are materialistic and over trusting. They need to learn the delicate balance between work and play. As with the good there always comes to the bad, but the negative things mixed with the positive aspects can often lead to a good mixture in personality.

The need for acknowledgment drive the Aries to accomplishment and to succeed in the things they want in life. Materialistic things are of major importance to an Aries and combining their vision and intuition they most always get the materialist things in life they so desire. Coming up with ideas suited for work often bring excellent finical gains still though benefiting everyone in the working team. Aries desire and crave money and power, but that desire is balanced out by also craving peace and tranquillity. Most typically Aries like the countryside which leads to seclusion.

In the Aries love life mental stimulation indicates an active social life, which leads to many relationships and associations. Aries people are attracted to clever and powerful people. That then tends to lead to a lot of mental power games with partners and is an aspect that needs to be closely monitored. An Aries in love can be generous and outgoing, but they also need to learn how to balance personal needs with the needs of a partner.

Some of the careers good for an Aries would be based apon the ability to make good contacts with people one on one. Such fields would include being a negotiator, an
advisor. Being someone in public relations or a mediator would also be beneficial. Other such careers would be a lawyer, an agent, or perhaps sales with all the enthusiasm put forth. Some famous people born under the Aries sign include Timothy Dalton, Matthew Broderick, Rosie O’Donnell, and Johann Sebastian.