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Being born under the sign of Aquarius are the birth dates of January 21st through February 19th. The star’s name is Altair also known as Al Tair or the Eagle. The degree position of the star to view in the sky is 0 47’- 1 43’. This star has been seen since 1930 and will be able to be seen through the year 2000. The constellation is called Alpha Aquilla. This star is closest to Mars and Jupiter in the sky. The star’s description is a white and yellow star in the neck of the Eagle.

Some positive aspects of being born under the sign of Aquarius are that they are very original people. They come up with the newest clothing styles and new hair styles as well as color. They are inventive people and have a lot of individuality within them. Aquarius’s are great humanitarians. Being instinctive and cleaver at the same time. They are very direct people and will be sure and let you know an opinion one way or the other.

Some negative aspects of being born under the sign of Aquarius are they tend to be rebellious. They can be very antagonistic and pick a fight easily. Being unpredictable leads to trouble infincial matters and follows into needing to learn how to better focus on goals.
Patience is an objective that needs to be developed within an Aquarius. As well as being over emotional at the wrong times.

Through an Aquarius’ self-expression they can eliminate worry or self-doubt. They are not afraid to be the first one to try things because of this. Becoming highly focused is a mode they go into once they set their sights on a goal they want to achieve. They go after
and fight for the goal and work hard for it. Aquarius are generous people as well as broad minded and because of this they have a universal perspective.

In the matters of work with an Aquarius they are very hardworking and ambitious. Once they find a job they like they will stick with it and work hard to make people above them very happy. Although they in the meantime need variety and fast changes. They would need a job that had advances in a short period of time. A job would require
imagination and sensitivity. Some good jobs for an Aquarius would be in the arts, being an actor, or going into the music field, being more of the classical side of music.

In matters of the heart and relationships with an Aquarius they are willing to achieve peace and harmony by making a lot of concessions or sacrifices. They do this to
see if in return the mate does the same for them. In order to feel safe and secure in a relationship an Aquarius needs that security. They are very receptive and friendly which
makes them attractive people. The mate the work best with would be one that gave mental stimulation and where intelligent people.

Famous people born under this sign are Sonny Bono, Levar Burton, George Kennan and John McEnroe.