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Even though Reform Judaism has started to become more traditional in recent years, there are still some major differences that will prevent Reform and Conservative Judaism from combining into one sect.
First, the prayer books in the conservative congregations are based on the Hebrew language. They have English in them, but Hebrew is what is used in the prayers. The Reform temples use a half Hebrew and half English prayer book and English appears to dominate the services. This difference gives the services different feels.
Conservative Judaism requires the use of the Torah trop in its services. This trop has been used for years and continues a long tradition from the time when the Israelites conquered Canaan. Reform Judaism does not follow these traditions as many Reform congregations still just read the torah without the musical rhythm
Another difference in the torah reading involves the length. The conservative synagogues usually read the traditional eight portions while the reform congregations usually read between one and three.
The Kosher issues come at the heart of the divide between the two sects. The Reform Jews believe this is a personal choice and not that important of an issue. The milk and meat concept, pork, and shellfish is basically disregarded. Conservative Judaism as a sect believes that Kosher is the traditional dietary law and needs to be followed. The strange thing is that many reform Jews do follow kosher and many Conservative Jews do not follow Kosher. Despite this, this issue is a major divide between the two sects.
Recently the two sects have grown closer on two issues. Both of the sects have started to allow women rabbis. This shows that both parts of Judaism are trying to become more modern. The other similarity is that both sects support the state of Israel. The reform part bitterly opposed Israel at its inception, but has changed its views based on popular sentiment of the people.
The two sects have Judaism have grown closer over the years. But the differences are large enough that the two sects will not be joining any time soon.