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The Hebrew alphabet consists of 24 letters similar to the English language.

1. Aleph (silent)
This letter is pronounced Ahhh-lef. A long "A" is used to say this letter. The Hebrew Alphabet is commonly called the "Aleph-Bet" because of the first two letters.

2. Bet (b\v)
This letter is pronounced like the verb to bet (on a baseball game).

3. Gimel (g)
To pronounce this letter it is said gim + mool. Put that together and you have the third letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

4. Dalet (d)
This letter is pronounced like doll-et.

5. Hey (h)
Pronounced like "hay is for horses"

6.Vav (v\o\u)
The "a" in this letter is a long "a". Like Ahhh.

7.Zain (z)
This letter does not rhyme with Vain. It is pronounced more like Zi + in. Also like the word Zion.

8.Chet (ch)
This is not a ch sound like in the word chair. It is a German or Scottish throat clearing sound.

9.Tet (t)
This letter is just like it appears. Rhymes with Set.

10.Yod (y)
This letter is pronounced Yude. It sounds like the word could, but starts with a y.

11.Kaf (k\kh)
This letter is uses the long "A" sound. If you want to say it, think of saying the word cough.

12.Lamed (l)
This two syllable word is pronounced La + med.

13.Mem (m)
This is the equivalent letter to the letter M. It is pronounced using a short "eh" sound.

14.Nun (n)
This letter is not pronounced like the word Nun. The u in this letter is more like an "oo." Pronounce "noon."

15.Samech (s)
This letter uses the ch sound again. It is not a "chair" type sound, it is a scratch sound like the one used with the letter chet. The beginning of this letter is a long "a". The first part "sam" sounds like the word "mom" with only with an S.

16.Ayin (silent)
This letter is pronounced Ahh + yin.

17.Pe (p\ph)
You can say this letter by pronouncing this word: "Pay"

18. Fe (f)
This letter is pronounced the same way you say the city,"Santa Fe."

19.Tzadi (tz)
This is one of the more difficult words to pronounce. The first part of the word is pronounced like the first part of the word "Czar." The second part is pronounced "Dee." Cza + dee.

20.Qof (q)
This letter is pronounced Koof.

21.Resh (r)
This is a tough letter to say using a Hebrew accent. To just say it using an American dialect you can just sound it out. The "e" is more of an "ay" sound though. Raysh.

22. Shin (s)
Easy as pie. Shin.

23.Sin (sh\s)
Once again, another no-brainer.

24.Tav (t\s)
The "a" is another long a sound. Taaav.