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As parents, we fill the shoes of many different occupations. We are cooks, waiters, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and teachers. The list of occupations could go on forever, but we are primarily care-givers and teachers. We love our children, we take care of our children, and we teach our children.

Parenting can be the most rewarding job in the world, and it can be the most exasperating job in the world. Some of the things that we try to teach our children can go in one ear, and out the other. Some of the things that we try not to teach them can stick with them forever. But as christian parents, the most essential thing that we teach them is vital to sticking with them, and not flying out those ears of theirs.

Missionaries are everywhere in the world. Their work is very important, but often overlooked, as it seems that their work is so far away. This is actually a misconception. There are missionaries everywhere. Did you know that you can be a missionary in your own home, to your own children? In being a missionary to your children, your won't be just adding another occupation to your parenting title. You will also be doing the work of a child of God, and bringing more meaning to your own life. Being a missionary to your children will bring harmony to your household and put the spirit of God in your family, as you grow in faith and light.

So how can you become a missionary to your children? The answer is simple. Teach them the word of God, and incorporate it into their lives. Here are some easy and practical ways for you to teach them the word of God:

1.) Bring out your bible. Show it to them, and explain it. Tell them what it is, who it's about, what the message is, and why it's important.
2.) Buy them a version of the bible that suits their age. There are bibles with pictures, easy words, and small chapters for very young children, as well as young adult versions. There are bibles for every age that we humans encounter. Visit a local christian bookstore and explore all of the wonderful books that are out there. Then make sure to spend time with them and their own bible and/or christian books.
3.) Monitor what your children watch on television. If you aren't watching a christian channel or a christian video, find out what the message is behind what they are watching. You can find children's movies with a christian message at a christian bookstore. It's not that there aren't television programs that are suitable for christian children, it's just important to keep an eye on what they are watching.
4.) Pray with your children. Explain that they can talk to God through prayer. If your child doesn't learn to pray from you, and if it isn't consistent within your family, it might not stick with your child when they leave your household.
5.) Go to church. Make church a regular part of your week, and if/when your children are old enough to attend Sunday School, make sure to sign them up! Volunteer at your church and let them come with you for whatever it is that you volunteered for, if reasonable.
6.) Lead your children by example. Let them see you in daily prayer and daily bible reading. Let them see you put your christian values into action. Teach kindness, love, and devotion.

If you are already doing all or some of these things, then you are already a missionary to your children! If you aren't, then there's no better time to start than the present! If you decide to take action and be a missionary to your children, your life will become enriched like never before. Not only will your children be learning, but most likely you will be learning right along with them!

Including the word of God in what you are already teaching your children will make some of the other things that you are trying to teach them mean more to them than it would if they didn't know christian values. Imagine the future of our world if all christian parents everywhere became missionaries to their own children!