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Fasting for health has benefits of resting the digestive system, thus freeing energy for rejuvenation of body cells. Fasting is detoxification of the body as energy is available to eliminate. In the same way, energy is available for the body's natural healing.

Advocates of fasting report being energetic after fasts. They experience stronger immunity to common ailments, better complexion and more control over appetite and desires.

Before you jump into the bandwagon for fasting, there are several precautions to partake. It’s absolutely necessary to get your doctor's approval. Take a week to attune your body to accommodate fasting. Eat smaller meals, refrain from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Start eating raw vegetables and fruits to get used to the lighter meals. On the eve of your fast, take only raw vegetables and fruits to signal to your body and mind what to expect for the next day.

On the day of your fast, it’s best to take it light and easy. Avoid strenuous exercise. Get as much rest as possible. Energy is conserved for the internal workings of the body. Avoid clock-watching as this gives you stress. If you're not working, do something you enjoy to while away your time.

End your fast with a light snack of vegetable soup or yogurt. Yogurt provides bacteria to aid your digestive system. For the following week, slowly increase the size of your meals and complexity of your food until your body is again adjusted to handle complex foods like meats and carbohydrates. You'll gradually tune your body to accept regular food again.

Fasting is strictly off limits for the pregnant, diabetic, severely underweight, sufferers of kidney and liver disease or persons on prescription drugs.

Some common types of fasts are juice fasts, liquid fasts and water fasts. Juices are the easiest fasts and are cleansers and restorers. Use fresh vegetable and fruit juices for maximum effect. Liquid fasts include broth, soups and herbal teas. This fast allows more variety. The water fast is the most shocking fast; drinking only distilled water for 24 hours.

For those serious to embark upon fasting, it’s best to get detailed information and schedules from a qualified fasting expert or book.