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Like any other job, some people are more suited to truck driving than others. Families are very important to truck drivers. They need the support of their families, when they are not home. Without that support they will make mistakes, and a mistake can kill them or someone else. This isn't meant to scare you. If you have the right personalities in the family then the job is wonderful.

What traits does a good driver need?
Patience, because no matter what you do you will have to be patient while waiting for the next load, patient while filling out the paperwork, patient waiting for you family to get off the phone or home so you can talk to them.
Tolerant, because there are people who don't do things the way you do them, and they aren’t necessarily wrong.
Trusting, you have to trust your spouse to make decisions when you aren’t home and you have to trust that they will make the right ones. Trust in your dispatcher, he or she is really not trying to drive you crazy with assignments they give you. Trust in your self, you are able to do the job, and do it well. Trust in your equipment, because you know your life depends upon it.
Independent and self sufficient, because no one is going to run behind you and tell you that you need to go.

What traits do the spouses of a truck driver need? For the most part, the same ones:
Patience because the driver can't always call at the same time.
Tolerant of the driver calling at 2am to complain about traffic or weather the time zones can get confusing, and they need to talk to someone who understands. Tolerant of the times when they are home and completely rearranges the schedule.
Trust your driver to do what needs to be done. Trust that they are doing the best job possible. They will call when they can.
Independent, because as a spouse you are going to have to make some decisions with out them. When the sink backs up, you are going to have to fix it or call a plumber, because you can't always wait for them to come home and do it for you.

If you are considering a job as a driver look at yourself and your personality with honesty, do you think you would enjoy being gone from your family 300 or more days a year? The times as home will be wonderful, similar to a short vacation once a month. Can you handle working long hours, for several weeks at a time? What does your spouse need from you when you are home? This is a family decision, since you will rely upon your spouse to make many of the day to day decisions while you are out.

Do you enjoy traveling? Long haul truck drivers can travel 3000 miles a week or more, if you don't enjoy travel this will not work for you. Do you enjoy being your own boss? Can you work without supervision? If so look at being a truck driver. Do you appreciate solitude? Truck drivers unless they are driving as part of a team spend many hours by themselves. Even team drivers don't have a lot of time with each other, since the one not driving is sleeping.

Earnings are the next consideration. While truck drivers are not paid a lot, 27-30 cents a mile, they travel 3000 plus miles a week. The downside is having two households to support. It costs just as much for them on the road, with meals, showers, entertainment, phone calls home, and miscellaneous expenses as it does to support the family at home.

Think long and hard, and then go drive if you think you would enjoy it. It is a wonderful way to see the country, and support your family at the same time.