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Does the thought of taking a trip with your small children make you shudder? Car rides and airplane rides don't have to be a nightmare. Here are some tips to make travelling with your children more enjoyable for all of you.

- Consider starting a long car ride at night or nap time when the kids are likely to fall asleep in the car. You may be more tired when you arive at your destination, but at least the kids won't be cranky.

- When travelling by car, bring water bottles and snacks with you to avoid having to make frequent stops, except maybe to go to the bathroom!

- Before you leave, check out some books on tape.

- On an airplane trip, buy your children some quiet toys before you leave and give them to them as you board the plane. Try stickers, coloring books, books, cards, etc.

- Let them meet the pilot before the ride, this will make it more exciting for them.

- Always carry any essentials on board with you. If you are delayed or your luggage is lost, you will have what you need for your kids on hand.

- To make the ride more comfortable for the kids, bring a small pillow, stuffed animal and plenty of snacks.

- Remember, even under the best circumstances travel is exhausting. Try and stay calm and not lose your patience with them, it will make things smoother for everyone.

- If you are staying at a hotel, don't forget to bring any items you might need for childproofing and request cribs, etc. ahead of time.

- If you can swing it, suites are great because after you put the kids to bed, you have another room to go into.

- Bring a cooler with juice boxes, fruit, milk, cereal, etc. so that you don't have to rush to breakfast right after the kids wake up.

- Give older kids a disposable camera and let them chronicle the trip as well.

- Tell your kids they will have a certain amount of money for souveniers and after that money is gone, that's it. This way, they will not be asking you for money and "things" everyplace you go.