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What is SPAM®?

SPAM® is a spicy ham luncheon meat served from a can. It was created by some innovative employees of Hormel Meats back in 1937. Over the years, Hormel has sold over 5 billion cans of SPAM®. From its conception it has been a very popular luncheon meat. It has become an American household word.

There are four varieties of SPAM®. SPAM® smoke flavored, SPAM®, SPAM® lite and SPAM® less sodium. Each one is made from Hormel ham and special spices.

Over the years, many receipes have developed around SPAM® as the main ingredient. For a SPAMBLED Egg Muffin, slice a can of SPAM® into 4 square slices. In a skillet, sauté SPAM® over until lightly browned. Set this aside and in the same skillet, scramble 4 eggs. Spread English muffins lightly with butter. Layer scrambled eggs, SPAM® slice, and cheese slice on bottom half of each English muffin. Cover with top half of each muffin. Heat in microwave 30 seconds until cheese is melted.

Another recipe for Grilled Garden SPAM® Salad Sandwich, starts in bowl where you combine SPAM®, 1/2 cup of the Swiss cheese, celery, bell pepper, mayonnaise, and thyme; mix well. Spread each bread slice on one side with butter. Spread 1/2 cup of the SPAM®M mixture on unbuttered side of 6 bread slices. Top with tomato slices, onion rings, and 1 tablespoon of the remaining 1/2 cup Swiss cheese. Top with remaining bread slice, buttered-side up. In skillet or griddle over medium heat, grill sandwiches until cheese melts and both sides are browned.

Each year, Hormel holds SPAM® recipe contests and enthusiasts can also join the SPAM® fan club. It remains a very popular sandwich spread year after year.