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The snapping turtle has been properly named. It has powerful jaws that will snap at anything that comes near. His powerful snap can go through a human’s hand.

Snapping turtles call home in eastern North America, from southern Canada down to Central America and South America. They can be found in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers. They spend most of their time in these protective waters. They are more aggressive on land hat in the water.

Snapping turtles find on prey small and large. Small prey such as fish, frogs and salamanders are swallowed whole. Larger prey are held in his jaws and torn to pieces. They are also known as scavengers, they will prey on already dead animals.

Breeding will occur in the water during June through August. The female lays eggs in the mud. The eggs will usually hatch the following spring. In spring, approximately twenty-four turtles dig out of the mud and go straight for the water. They are on their own, and many become meals for alligators and other carnivore predators. They do grow quickly, if they survive the first year, they usually live on average thirty years. There have been recordings of sixty-year-old snapping turtles.

The only real enemy of the snapping turtle has, is man. Their population numbers remain constant. There is no real threat at present.