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One of the movie genres that attracts me the most is the “action movie” and when this genre is associated with comedy, I must admit that this is the kind of movie that I like the most. I , therefore, appreciated Red Rock West very much and the fact that I am a fan of Nicholas Cage made me like this movie even more. But the genre and the actor were not the only good points of the movie. The series of different conflicts and the design of the movie were also very good.

As we saw at the beginning of the movie, the conflict presented was the fact that Nicholas Cage was running out of money and needed to find a job very fast, but his honesty kept him out of illegal activities. Then, mistaken for a killer, he was proposed money to kill a bartender’s wife. Needing the money, he took it but instead of killing the wife, he also took money from her to kill her husband and ran away. Unfortunately for him, this was just the beginning of a long adventure. For us too, as viewers, because every time he would leave red rock, we would think that he solved the problem but every time, another conflict arose and we are put in one other conflict over and over again. In adding new conflicts over and over again, the screenwriter kept us plunged into the action going on in the movie. First he is paid to kill someone, then paid to kill someone else, then he runs into someone on the road and is accused of murder, then he escapes but the real killer arrives and so on. I think that the screenwriter did an excellent job in creating many conflicts so that when one of them is solved there are still many others.

The other interesting point of this movie is that the production design was very efficient. The location chosen was very good. Because the movie was shot in a deserted area, it gave us the impression that the hero (Nicholas Cage) had nowhere to escape from the “bad guys” and it also gave the impression that his only way out was to solve all the conflicts. In fact every time he tried to escape, he ironically had to come back to Red Rock, which then became a little funny. The cast was well chosen because Nicholas Cage with his “lost” look and his great acting was very good. Also the fact that they choose Dennis Hopper as THE bad guy was very smart because he is the right person for this type of roles. Finally, I also liked the fact that very often times there was always something to laugh about such as the leaving and entering Red Rock and other little things that added a very good mood to the movie and made it more a comedy than an action movie.