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The tropical paradise of Kaua'i sits amidst the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, about 20 minutes from Honolulu by plane. Formed some six million years ago, and encompassing about 550 miles, it is the oldest and most northerly of the main Hawaiian Islands. A visit to Kaua'i can easily immerse you in the quiet majesty of the island's lush tropical setting and extraordinary natural heritage.

The island’s most developed area is in the area called South Shore, the heart of which is Poipu Beach. The Poipu Beack Park provides a pavilion, tables, showers, toilets, a playground and lifeguards. The area boasts excellent body surfing, swimming and snorkeling. Rimmed by lava boulders, there is a covered pool that is gentle enough for just
about anyone, but the wave action is better just beyond it and is often used by local surfers. There are also a number of tidepools further out on the rocks at Nukamai Point.

Further east along the shoreline is Brennecke’s Beach. The locals shore fish here, which is interesting to watch. It is also a good spot to boogie board.

Continuing east a mile or so is Shipwreck Beach. The beach was made wider and longer by a mass of sand deposited on it by Hurricane Iwa.

This is a secluded beach, so any swimming and snorkeling should be done with care. There is no official camping here, however, the local people sometimes bivouac on the ironwoods at the east end. Here, there is a rocky bluff that provides an excellent view of the shoreline to the
east. Mostly fisherman frequent this beach, and sometimes a few nude sunbathers can be found, yet since Brennecke’s Beach was roughed up by Hurricane Iwa, Shipwreck’s big swells has attracted surfers.

A continued trek eastward will have you encountering several more hidden beaches.

If beaches are your thing, a trip to the South Shore is worth the expense.