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The Peregrine Falcon is a large falcon. It can catch its prey in the air with its sharp talons, and strong legs.

This falcon’s home is in North and South America. You will find him in the prairie and mountainous areas. You may also find this falcon around lakes and rivers, where food is plentiful.

The peregrine falcon mainly feeds on other birds. His favorites are pigeon, skylark, seagulls and ducks. He usually grabs his meals while in flight. He swoops down in prairie hideouts and in bushes, to catch his prey on land. His territory is wide ranging from twenty five miles to one hundred and twenty five miles.

The peregrine falcon reaches sexual maturity around three years old. It also mates for life. During breeding season, which is March to May, the male and female, will display a courtship ritual. This ritual entails the male flying over the female and passing her prey while in flight. When the ritual is over, they mate. The female lays three to four eggs on already laid brush with twigs and grass.

The female incubates the eggs twenty-nine to thirty two days. She will be the one who spends most of the time with the chicks. The male will defend the females and chicks. While the female is with the chicks, he hunts to feed them all.

The peregrine flacon is an endangered species. But, with conservation groups standing by, the numbers are slowly increasing.