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Parsley has more uses than just being used in restaurants to make plates and food look pretty. It can be used as a tea for the treatment of water weight gain, kidney stones or ailments and for bad breath for people and dogs, You can ingest parsley in tablet form. People who are pregnant or who suffer from impaired kidney or heart function should not ingest parsley. Do not use parsley essential oil instead of the fresh or dried herb, as it is very toxic.

Parsley is also used as a culinary spice in cooking. It is used in dishes made out of lamb, chicken, various casserole dishes, fish, vegetables, salads and soups. Parsley is used widely in French cuisine and has been used in white sauces to add a mild flavor.

In ancient times, Greeks use to sprinkle parsley over tombs. The Romans were first to eat parsley similar to the way we eat salads. They also wore parsley around their necks for the prevention of drunkenness.

You can grow your own parsley in a window or vegetable garden. You can purchase it fresh at a grocery market as well as your local health food store. Before purchasing, be sure the parsley has a mild odor and not a pungent aroma.