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A no-wax vinyl floor is beautiful when it is new. As the floor is used, the finish can become worn and dull in spots. Improper care is the no-wax floor’s worst enemy. However, there are ways to keep the floor in the best possible condition, restore the shine, and keep it looking great!

Why No-Wax Vinyl Floors Lose Their Shine

The shiny, protective coating on a no-wax vinyl floor becomes dull from the gradual wearing away of the finish. Dirt and sand particles make tiny scratches in the floor’s surface until the topcoat is worn off. High-traffic areas are usually the first to become noticeably dull.

Cleaning a No-Wax Vinyl Floor

Regular maintenance is very important. The floor should be cleaned by vacuuming or sweeping and mopping. This will keep dirt particles from scratching and dulling the finish.

After the floor has been swept or vacuumed and all visible dirt is removed, clean with a damp mop. Never use harsh cleaners. It is best to use plain water. If necessary, add a few drops of liquid dish soap or vinegar to the water. Soap residue is more difficult to remove than the vinegar water, and vinegar has the added benefit of being a disinfectant.

Restoring the Shine to a No-Wax Vinyl Floor

When a no-wax floor becomes dull, its glossy protective layer has been worn away. To restore the shine, the floor must have its top layer renewed. There are several ways to do this.

Many no-wax floor manufacturers have their own line of products. Some recommend buffing the floor to bring back the shine, but if the actual shine layer is worn away, that will not help.

Other shine-restoration products include vinyl dressing, industrial floor polish, and metal-interlock floor finish, which can be purchased at a janitorial supply store.

The easiest and most economical way to restore the shine is with the use of a water-based, self-polishing wax. The wax should be applied in a thin layer and should be used only to restore the shine, not to maintain it. Restoring the shine should only be necessary every one or two years, at most.

Maintaining the Shine on a No-Wax Vinyl Floor

The best way to keep the shine is by the occasional use of a water-based, “self-cleaning,” no-wax floor care product. Many varieties can be found at the supermarket. They should be used no more than three or four times a year, depending upon the foot-traffic on the floor. Less often is always better. Do not use a “clean-and-wax” product, as it sometimes leaves a dulling film on the floor. Do not use regular floor wax, as it will build up on the floor, and the wax-removal may damage the floor.

No-Wax Vinyl Floor Care Tips

1. Use area rugs in high-traffic pathways.

2. Do not drag furniture or objects across the floor. Lift up a chair. Do not slide it on the floor.

3. Use floor mats at all entrance doors.

4. Clean up spills with a damp cloth.

5. Remove tough spots with a nylon scrubber sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

6. Do not allow roller skates or blades, or bicycles on the floor.

Regular cleaning and occasional restoration of the shine should keep your no-wax vinyl floor looking great for many years to come!