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This is a shallower area of Oahu that runs from Turtle Bay to Kaena Point. It’s a great place to spend a day and the amazing beaches and sights of this area.

• Mount Kaala. This is the highest point on Oahu. Mount Kaala towers some 4,020 feet above sea level.
• Haleiwa. This town is the focal point of the North Shore of Oahu. There are plenty of eateries, places to shop, and art galleries along this area. It’s at the intersection of Route 930 and Route 83 in Haleiwa.
• Dillingham Airfield. This is a neat place to look at, as well as participate in. You can actually hire a small plane to take you on a tour of the island. This is a neat perspective to add to your trip to Oahu.
• Sunset Beach. This is one of the best surfing beaches on the island. The beach is pure white sand and is one of the biggest white-sand beaches in all of Hawaii. Lots of people come here to surf.
• Banzai Pipeline. This beach is also a good place to surf. And it perhaps is the best-known surfing beaches across the globe. Several surfing movies have been shot here.
• Ehukai Beach Park. This beach is the next area just north of Banzai and Sunset. This is a higher area and provides a great location to watch the hundreds of surfers taking their chances at the water.
• Puu O Mahuka Heiau. This is a mountain that you certainly want to drive up toward. The views below are amazing. Even if you don’t make the trek all the way to the top, you’ll want to at least drive part of the way up this mountain and get out and look out.
• Waimea Falls Park. This is a mountain by the water. It is gorgeous. There are plenty of flowers and plants for you to enjoy during your visit to this park and there is a gorgeous pool and falls there for you to enjoy.