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Today, our lives are controlled by fear. Walking down the street is an event fraught with danger. Who knows what manner of hoodlum is waiting down a darkened alley, on a street corner or behind a brick wall with, as his sole aim, depriving you of your wallet? So, just what can do you to protect yourself from the muggers out there? What sensible steps can you take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of street violence?
The key to avoiding muggers is not to make yourself vulnerable. Mugging is an opportunistic business and the mugger is always on the outlook for an easy target. If you are in an unsafe area, be sure to remain alert. Keep your eyes moving about in front of you. Occasionally look behind. Try not to look paranoid, however. Try to anticipate danger and plan out how you would react Try not to travel alone after dark. Even if it requires a little extra effort or convenience, try to work in with others so you are not by yourself. Make sure all the doors in your car are locked while driving. Try not to make eye contact with other drivers.
If, despite your best efforts to avoid it, you are confronted with an attacker, how should you react? It is important to remember that nothing is as valuable as your life. If your mugger is after money, don’t hesitate in handing it over. In fact, many people carry a special wallet that contains ‘mugger money’ – a small amount that will satisfy the attacker.
You should also act calmly in front of a mugger. Remain in control of things. Speak firmly and slowly. Look the person in the eye and maintain that eye contact. Don’t become argumentative but rather be mild and co-operative.
Violence is on the rise. To prevent it being perpetrated against us, we need to be pro-active. We may not be able to stop a mugger from targeting us, but by humbling accepting the situation and acting prudently we can reduce the likelihood of losing anything more than our possessions.