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In some other professional sports leagues, there is much room for debate over what team was the best in the league's history. But in Major League Baseball, there is no argument. Ask any true fan, or even anyone who knows just a little about the sport, and they will tell that the New York Yankees have always been baseball's best: no question about it.

Major League Baseball as we know it began in 1903 when the champion of the National League met the champion of the American League in the first World Series. Since that time, the Yankees have won an incredible 25 titles. No other franchise has even come close. Except for brief down periods in the late 1960s and 1980s, the Yankees have been a perennial threat to win it all since they got Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox in the most famous trade in baseball history in 1919. Boston won its last Series in 1918, and since that time, fans inside and outside New England have claimed that the Red Sox's sale of Ruth to New York started a curse (called the "Curse of the Bambino," Ruth's nickname). Boston's curse was New York's blessing. Ruth was the first in a string of all-time greats who wore the pinstripes. He teamed with Lou Gehrig to form part of Murderers Row, the most formidable lineup in big league history. The 1927 Yankees are widely accepted as the best single team ever. After Ruth and Gehrig, came spindly center fielder Joe DiMaggio, who arguably may be the best overall ball player ever. After DiMaggio, there was Mickey Mantle, who may also be considered the best baseball player ever. The Yankees took a bit of a downturn after DiMaggio until they acquired super slugger Reggie Jackson. After Jackson, the Yanks again weren't up to their high standards, but now at the turn of the century have won 3 of the last 4 World Series. Although the current Yankees don't have any one great player, they nonetheless have kept maintained the proud Yankee tradition as the best dynasty in baseball history.

There is really no other team that can make much of a case as being a dynasty when compared to the Yankees. But as the Bronx Bombers were having a down decade in the '70s, the Oakland A's took over in the AL and the Cincinnati Reds dominated the NL. The A's, led by future Yankees Reggie Jackson and Jim "Catfish" Hunter, won three straight World Series titles from 1972-1974. The "Big Red Machine," as the Cincinnati club was called, had a powerful offense led by the great Johnny Bench. They won two straight championships after the A's won their third, but the Yankees won the next two to reestablish their dominance over the baseball world.