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Keeping children interested in class is often times challenging. In the paragraphs below, you'll learn some handy tips on how to keep those kids interested and also some fun activities to try.
First, involve the children in the lesson. This can be done by keeping them active. One good example of this is giving them hand motions or sound effects to do during a story or even allowing them to act out different roles in the story.
Next, allow some time for the students to interact with one another. They enjoy the social time and also can help each other. This may only be a few minutes, but allowing them to converse and talk about the lesson together may help them solve some questions they have with their peers and allow them to be there own problem solvers.
Now, there should be some type of reward for doing something good. For instance, if a student is quiet all day or has turned in all assignments on time, perhaps a small reward would encourage other students to follow this example. It also allows them to feel good knowing that their effort is appreciated.
To conclude, these are just a few tips for teachers to make the learning process a better experience for both the teacher and the student. Encouragement and involvement are the best tools a teacher can equipe themselves with. Happy teaching!