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The Komodo dragon fits the description of the mystical dragons of old, but they are many times smaller. He does not breathe fire, but has a forked tongue that when upset, he flicks and hisses dangerously.

This Dragons' home is on the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Sami, Padar and Rintja. These islands are hilly and have a few rainforests, but most are grasslands with palm trees. The Indonesian islands are home to various vegetation and wildlife.

This solitary dragon feeds on anything that it can subdue, including other Komodo dragons. He is a stealthy hunter, stalking prey and then seizing them with his mighty jaws and reaps them apart. The dragon may occasionally meet with other Komodo dragons to eat carrion, dead animals, in which the larger komodo is allowed access first.

The Komodo dragons' breeding season in in June or July. The males become aggressive, due to the necessity of defending their territory. The male and female mate, and then the female lays the eggs, on average twelve, in a muddy hole. She then covers them with grass. She will leave and the sun incubates the eggs. The baby dragons hatch eight months later. They are on their own. This is a very dangerous time of survival for them. Most do not survive, because of snakes, birds and other Komodo dragons. If they survive, they grow very quickly. Once they reach three feet long, the Komodo dragon fears no other, except larger Komodo Dragons.

There have been recorded 3,000 Komodo Dragons. The Indonesian Islands are uninhibited by man. There is no threat to their population.