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This area of Oahu island is right along Kaneohe Bay and near a barrier reef. Here are some sights and beaches you won’t want to miss in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

• Coconut Island. This is probably the most infamous scene in Kaneohe Bay. It is the featured location in the opening shot of the long-running television show "Gilligan’s Island." And during World War II, Coconut Island has served as a resting spot for crews of the B-29.
• Hoomaluhia Regional Park. This is a great place to go on hikes. This is a park that is vast in acreage and produces guided hikes on a daily basis.
• Senator Fong’s Plantation. This amazing home on Pulama Road in Kaneohe is one of the newest attractions on the island. It was created by Hawaii State Senator Hiram Fong. When he retired in 1976 from the state senate, he lived in this plantation home. The plantation home is about 725 acres and has plenty of beautiful gardens for you to enjoy. If you want to tour this area, you can do so at a nominal cost.
• Hawaii Cruises. Many cruises leave from this site. You can go on these cruises and enjoy the incredible off-shore views of the Hawaiian coast. You can call the cruise company at 926-5077.
• He-eia Pier. This is another attraction you want to consider highly. This is the home of the Coral Queen, which is a boat with a glass bottom that sails across the bay to allow its tourists to see the fish and underwater life that grace the area. You can reach them at 247-0375.
• Waiahole Beach Park. This beach is just north of Kaneohe Bay and runs for about four miles. It’s a great place for a secluded get-away. The water here isn’t quite as clean and gorgeous, but it certainly provides for a nice quiet place for you to enjoy.