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This is a town rich in history on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. When leprosy caused problems on the island beginning in ancient times, the leaders of the island needed a town that was fairly isolated where the lepers could go and stay away from everyone else. Kalaupapa was that town. The leaders sent everyone with leprosy here to die. Today, there’s no leprosy. Here are some sights you don’t want to miss on your trip to Kalaupapa, Hawaii.

• St. Philomena Church. This was a church built by Priest Damien and lepers were invited to attend. Because lepers would be worried they would dirty the church floor with spit that they were unable to keep in their mouths, Damien cut square holes in the floor where the lepers could spit. Before this church was built, spirits were low in the town. The church became a starting point for lepers to have a new spiritual beginning.
• Molokai Mule Rides. This is a great way to tour the town of Kalaupapa. You can pay $85 and get a lunch and tour. You hop on your mule and ride through the town and see the sights.
• Older community. This community today is interesting in its make up. Typically the only people who live here have been here all their lives. The average age of a person here is 60 years old and there are only about 100 people here. This area will soon be made into a national park, but the people of the town will be allowed to stay.
• Ike’s Scenic Tours. These are tours that will all you to get some direct insight in the community by someone who has lived there all their lives. The tour costs $15 and lasts about four hours. 567-6437.
• Damien Tours. This is another tour company. The reasons there are so many tour companies in town is that it is illegal for non-residents to walk around unescorted there. You must have a tour guide. This company costs $15 per tour. 567-6171.