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You normally think of Hawaii as a place to enjoy the sand and surf, but for the avid hunters, you should consider checking out the Hawaiian hunting scene. Hunting is available on every island, you just need to know where to look for it and what the rules are. Here are some valuable tips.

• You need a hunting license. You can get one for $15 if you’re not a resident of Hawaii. The licenses are only $7.50 for residents. You need to contact the Division of Forestry and Wildlife on the particular island you’ll be visiting in order to get all the proper details. But you can also get a license when you get to the island at just about any local sporting goods store.
• Know the rules. You’ll want to check with the local government agencies about what rules you’ll need to follow when hunting on the islands.
• Not all animals are open to hunting. The list of animals that are open for hunting changes occasionally, so be sure to check with local hunting experts to find out what’s allowed to be hunted and what’s not.
• Know the hunting hours. You can only hunt in Hawaii starting from 30-minutes before the sun comes up to 30 minutes after the sun sets.
• You may have to check in. If you see a checking station, be sure you visit there before you get started hunting, it’s required.
• If you’re using a bow, they must have a minimum draw of 45 pounds for straight varieties and 30 pounds for compounds. Shotguns more than .20 gauge are permitted, and rifles must have more velocity than a 1,200-foot-pound muzzle.
• You’re required to wear bright orange cloth on front and on your back.
• If you’re bringing your hunting equipment in from out of state, you need to register them with the county’s police chief within two days of your arrival in the area.