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You will feel good about your room when it is nice and neat! It really isn’t as hard as you think! Just follow these steps, and before you know it, your room will look great!

If any of the steps are confusing to you, or if you need help, ask an adult.

1. Pick up any trash on the floor, dresser top or anywhere else. Put the trash into a wastebasket or trash bag.

2. Pick up dirty clothes from the floor, bed, chair or anywhere else. If you have a clothes hamper, put them in there. If you are supposed to put them in a pile, do that.

3. If any of your clean clothes are scattered about, put them where they belong. Fold them neatly and put them in drawers, or hang them in the closet.

4. Pick up all shoes that are out of place. Neatly put them into the closet.

5. Pick up toys that are out of place. Get them off the floor, bed or anywhere else they don’t belong. Pick up the biggest toys first, and then the smaller ones. Put every toy where it belongs.

6. If you are allowed to dust, do it now. Dust the tops of the furniture, the windowsills, and anywhere else it is dusty.

7. If you are allowed to vacuum, do it now.

8. If you know how to make your bed, do it now.

9. Take a look around your room again. Things should be looking good. This is the time to nicely arrange anything you have on tabletops, your dresser or other furniture.


Your room looks good! Now, you need to keep it nice! Follow these steps to keep your room

1. Always put your clothes where they belong. If they are dirty, they go in the hamper or in a pile. If they are clean, they belong in a drawer or in the closet.

2. When you are not wearing your shoes, they belong in the closet.

3. When you are not playing with a toy, it should be put away.

4. Always put trash into the wastebasket, and empty your trash as needed.

5. Make your bed in the morning, before you leave the room.

6. Keep the floor “vacuum ready.” If you are the one who vacuums your room, do it once a week or as often as needed.


Follow these easy steps, and your room will always look great!