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The first set of golf clubs you buy will not be the number one brand type club on the market. The set should contain certain clubs as well as be a decent type material for today’s type of golf game. There are a few things one should look for when purchasing a new set of golf clubs. The length, the material, and the number of clubs are all important when picking out a set of clubs.

Firstly the length of the clubs will vary from person to person. In any sporting good store they will carry extra long, normal, and junior length golf clubs. It is important that you do not have to strain your back to reach down for the ball while playing a game of golf. It is also important that the clubs are not too long. If there is a certain length that a store does not carry you can have a special person customize the length for a couple extra dollars.
The material of the golf clubs is probably the most important thing to look for when purchasing a new set of clubs. In the past the clubs used to be made out of wood and other such materials. Today the best and most expensive clubs are made with titanium. If you are buying your first set of clubs you should go with the traditional, low expensive graphite composite. Although the wooden clubs will be a lot less expensive it will make the game of golf a lot more difficult for you to play.

If you are purchasing a set of golf clubs they will not necessarily all come together. You might go out and buy each club independently and try to put a set together. Doing it this way is sometimes a lot cheaper. The main clubs that you should have in your golf bag are the three types of drivers. The big one driver, the two driver, and the three are the big clubs you will need. Those three are called your “woods.” The next nine clubs you need to have are called your “irons.” They are numbered in order from two thru nine. As the number increases this means the angle of the club is increasing. The higher the number of an iron, the less distance you will get with that club. A pitching wedge will also come in hand as well as a wedge. If you don’t have a pitching wedge you will still be able to get by one round of 18 holes. The last and probably most important club is the putter. There are many different types pf putters on the market, so I suggest trying them out and picking the one you feel most comfortable with.
The next time you are out shopping for a new set of golf clubs make sure you talk to someone who is knowledgeable in the subject. You should also ask if you can “test drive” the clubs. Good luck with find the right set for you.