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Building an igloo is a simple work of construction using snow, so long as you follow a few basic procedures and adhere to safety aspects. It is only really worth building an igloo if the temperature remains at or below freezing, and the snow is suitable for cutting blocks from.

First cut blocks of snow with a snow saw from an area where the snow is deep, and of a firm consistency. You can make it firmer by stamping up and down on it. The blocks should each measure 3 ft x 1ft x 8 inches.

Next, find an area near to where you have been cutting to build the igloo. Dig a circular hole here, about 2ft deep with a 3ft diameter. Arrange a first layer of blocks around this hole in a circle, sloping in towards you slightly. After placing the last block down, you must form this first layer into a spiral. The end of the last block laid should be of original height, and the shape should gradually taper down and around, so the beginning of the first block laid is at ground level. This makes building successive layers easier. Lay a few blocks against one wall to form a bed.

Keep adding layers of blocks, making sure each layer leans in a little more than the previous one. You will eventually be left with a small hole at the top of the snow shelter. You should place a top block in here. Before you do this though, dig a tunnel out underneath the igloo wall, rising to the surface again once outside the igloo. This channels cold air out of it, keeping the shelter warm.

The top block should be slightly bigger than the hole. It is up to you to fashion it to a tight fit from the inside of the igloo. After the top block is in place, it is imperative that you cut some air holes into the walls to prevent suffocation. Use an ice axe for this job. I would advise against using a stove inside the igloo to prevent the build up of carbon monoxide, which can kill.

Providing you follow these simple rules, you will have a snow shelter that will keep you cosy and warm, away from the winter elements.