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Need some new ideas? Here’s the perfect gift to give at a kitchen or gadget shower. She's a chubby little bride doll that stands about 1-1/2 feet tall. Her dress is made of kitchen towels, her arms are wooden spoons and her hair is a copper scrubber. She has various kitchen gadgets hanging on her wedding gown and she wears a lace veil, complete with pearls! This is an easy, creative, and relatively inexpensive craft project that draws rave reviews. In fact, this blushing bride is so charming, the real bride won’t want to take her apart.

You’ll need the following materials:

One Styrofoam ball, 4 inches in diameter
12-inch tall Styrofoam cone
Some old newspapers
One white, plastic 30-gallon trash bag
Four kitchen towels, mostly white in color
Two small dishcloths, mostly white in color
Two long, wooden spoons
Various basic kitchen gadgets (i.e.: whisk, potato peeler, garlic press, rubber spatulas, etc.)
Three copper scrubbers
One box pearl-headed pins, approximately 3 inches long
Narrow white ribbon
1/8-yard, 4- to 6-inch lace ribbon
Felt remnants, black, pink and red
One miniature bouquet of white flowers (the type used to decorate wedding place cards)

1. Insert point of Styrofoam cone halfway into the Styrofoam ball. Place connected pieces into trash bag and stuff with crumpled newspaper until ¾ full. There should be enough newspaper to make it firm and give it balance. Gather bag below the Styrofoam ball, and tie with a piece of ribbon. You now have a round, chubby body, a head, and a neck.

2. With a scissors, poke a small hole in each side of the stuffed bag and poke through about 1/4 inch of the cone. Keep the hole no larger than ¼ inch in diameter. Place a wooden spoon through each hole and press gently until it “catches” in Styrofoam cone. Use some tape to support spoons if they don’t hold.

3. Wrap a dishcloth around each spoon to create a sleeve. Layer kitchen towels around body to completely hide trash bag. Secure with pearl-headed pins by pushing them straight through the cloths and towels into the Styrofoam cone

4. Loop an 8-inch piece of narrow white ribbon through the handle of each gadget and tie the ends into a secure knot and bow. Attach gadgets to back and front of doll by inserting pearl pins through ribbon knot and then into doll’s neck.

4. Stretch copper scrubbers around head to create sides, back and top of hair. Secure with pearl pins. Attach wide lace ribbon with pearl pins arranged in a tight row in the front, to create a veil and tiara.

5. With felt remnants, cut out black eyes and lashes, pink circles for the cheeks and red lips.
Glue on face.

6. Twist wire stems of miniature floral bouquet around one of the wooden spoon arms, so
the bride is “holding” it.

Your bride is now complete. A true conversation piece, she’s the perfect gift or table centerpiece.