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To create your holiday velvet table runner, you will need:

A variety of rubber stamps, purchased from your local craft store, in your choice of shapes. For a delightful Christmas runner, use snowflakes, poinsettias, or Christmas tree stamps.

Velvet fabric (Amount will vary depending on length of table. Your runner should hang approximately 1 foot off the edge of the table, so you will need to measure the length of the table and add 2 feet). You will need 13 inches across for the width of the runner. For this holiday runner, navy blue, hunter green, or burgondy are very appropriate colors.

Matching Thread that coordinates with your velvet fabric

Sewing Machine


Instructions for Creating Your Runner

Make sure the fabric is 13 inches wide and the correct length for your table, allowing 2 additional feet so the runner will drape properly.

Heat iron. Place rubber stamp right-side up on ironing board. Place single layer of velvet, right-side down, on top of stamp. Hold iron onto wrong side of velvet for about 15-45 seconds, depending on heat setting. Stamp design will "burn" into right-side of velvet. Continue this step, placing stamp in various areas to "design" your runner. You may want only 4 to 5 stamps for a finishing touch to your runner or a busier design, achieved by stamping every few inches.

Once stamping design is complete, fold fabric lengthwise with wrong sides together and pin to hold in place. Stich a 1/2 inch border on all sides, leaving a 6 inch opening to turn fabric. After stitching, trim excess threads, and turn fabric right side out. Carefully stitch opening closed, either by hand or machine.