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This is perhaps the most interesting town in all of Hawaii. If you spend a day here and observe that natives, you’ll be quite intrigued by how the traditional Hawaiians live. They look like normal houses and normal families like you’d find anywhere in the country, but these people still go fishing each night in an effort to "soul fish" and to talk along the Wailuku River. Here are some sights and beaches in Hilo, Hawaii, that you won’t want to miss.

• Lyman Mission House and Museum. This is a preserved house that was home to a missionary family and is the oldest frame building on the island. It was built in 1839. You can tour the home and museum every day except for Sunday for a nominal fee. It’s at 276 Haili Street. 835-5021.
• Rainbow Falls. This is a great place to relax. There’s a round pool of water where water falls. This spot is a couple miles west of town on Waianuenue Avenue. When the sun is shining here, you see all kinds of rainbows forming where the water hits the rocks. It’s truly a spectacular natural setting.
• Liliuokalani Gardens. These are gardens that are quiet and offer a great view of Banyan Bay. The flowers you’ll see here are mainly traditional ones you can see on the island. The gardens are on the west side of town on Banyan Drive.
• Earth Heritage Gallery. This is a large mineral and rock collection that you don’t want to miss. It’s truly a unique sight. You’ll see all kinds of lava, mezolite, lezerite and jthunder eggs. This is rated as one of the 10 best mineral and rock collections in the United States.
• Hilo Arboretum. This is a tree nursery that will allow you to take a self-guided tour around some of the most beautiful trees you’ve ever seen. Most are native to the island. It’s free to tour the arboretum , and it’s located along Kilauea Avenue.
• Panaewa Rainforest Zoo. This is a zoo in which the animals live in amazing conditions. Where else could they live among some of the most gorgeous flowers and trees ever created? The zoo is free to the public and is outside of Hilo along Route 11.