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Throughout history people have used meditation for different purposes. American Indians used the sweat lodge to go into a meditative state. The Ancient Egyptians used incense and ritual to alter their consciousness, and even today you will find people using mind-altering stimulants such as drugs and alcohol. Although some do it through the traditional methods of prayer, ritual and meditation, we all have an innate ability to alter our perceptions of the way we view our world. It is my belief that we are born with an intuition that there is more to life than just what we see. We alter our consciousness in order to gain insights, improve psychic abilities or intuition, for inspiration in the arts, and many other reasons. It is only through this altered state that we can perceive the mysteries of life at work.

As we go from day to day we do not always have the time to stop and just look at life. What is our purpose for being here? How can I make a difference? Why am I so tired all the time? We don’t think about these types of questions because we are too busy with work and family obligations. We are often times just struggling to survive in a world where material things are more important than spiritual. This way of life leads to stress and heartache and eventually leads to death. If not death of the body, then death of the soul. We feel like something is missing in our lives when we do not develop our spirituality.

The following is a guided meditation that if done properly for just 10 minutes a day will help you to become more energized and more balanced in your spiritual and material life. Before we begin you must fully understand the concept that everything is made of energy. Atoms and molecules that bounce around at all times are what everything is made of. Scientists have only recently discovered that we can control these atoms and molecules with just our thoughts. Thought is energy in itself and cannot be destroyed, and thought creates everything.

There are seven energy spots on a human body. These are called Chakras. Once you are aware of these energy points you can become more energized, start healing yourself and start to feel more in balance with life. Let’s begin the meditation.

You must first find a spot where you will not be disturbed. Light some incense or play soft music in the background. Nature sounds are generally more effective during this meditation. Now either sit cross-legged on the floor or lie down, whichever is easiest for you. Just words of caution though, most find that if they are lying down they have a tendency to fall asleep. Close your eyes and imagine a bright sun directly above you and all around you hear sounds of nature. Imagine you feel the sun's warmth entering your body. Now just relax, and as you begin to feel the sun's warmth, breathe in to the count of eight. Now hold that breath…one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Slowly release that breath to the count of eight and as you do, so imagine all negativity leaving your body and your mind, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace.

Visualize a brilliant white light coming from the sun towards the top of your head. The first chakra is at the crown of your head and is the color white. Imagine the light from the sun swirling with this energy spot. Feel how it tingles? Relax and remember to keep breathing. Swirl the light energies just until warmth or tingling begins. This lets you know that the energy spot has been activated and opened.

Now take the ball of light and move it to the middle of your forehead. This is where the second chakra is located. It is the color of violet that is often times called the third eye as it governs psychic ability and eyesight. Swirl the lights till tingling or warmth begins. Your third eye is now open.

With your thoughts move the sun's ball of light to your third chakra located at the base of your throat. Just below your Adam’s apple is the third chakra and it is the color blue and relates to your lungs, verbal communication and vocal chords. Swirl the light together with the light of your third chakra. Once tingling has begun your third chakra is now open.

Move the sun’s light to your heart region. It is here that will need the most attention because it is your heart chakra. It is the color of green and regulates blood circulation and emotions. Swirl the lights till tingling or warmth begins. Spend extra time at this spot if you have recently had heartbreak. It does wonders for those who are sad or depressed.

Next swirl the light to your solar plexus or abdomen. This chakra regulates digestion and is the color yellow. Mix the colors or lights till tingling begins.

Now gently move the light to your groin area. This chakra is orange in color and regulates sex. Swirl the lights and move to your tailbone at the base of your spine. This is the seventh chakra and is the color red. It also regulates sex.

Once you have moved the sun’s light to each chakra imagine it leaving your body, along with all negativity, from the seventh chakra into the earth. This is sometimes called the cleansing meditation because it clears the body of all negativity. You have now completed your meditation and should feel relaxed and completely energized. If this is done 10 minutes a day after about two weeks you will see an increase in your energy level, feel more balanced, at peace and maybe even begin to see new possibilities opening within your life.