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If there’s ever an ideal place to go camping, it’s in the great state of Hawaii. Through camping, you can experience all that is great about the state. You can enjoy the colorful and incredible trees, you can see some of the animals that call Hawaii home, and you can enjoy the skis, beaches, and outdoors. If you’re looking for a truly great Hawaiian experience in which you can feel one with nature, try camping.

• You shouldn’t have to pay to camp. There are plenty of free places to camp on the islands. If you have any trouble finding a good, safe place to pitch your tent, ask some natives.
• If you’re not a wilderness expert, don’t drift too far off the path. Stick to what you are familiar with.
• Check out the area before you choose a site. Wander around a bit and make sure you feel safe where you are. There aren’t too many bad places to camp.
• Make sure you’re ready for anything. Despite the fact that you’re on vacation, you’re in the wild. You truly never know what might happen at any particular moment. Make sure you have all the materials you may need to take care of any particular situation.
• Enjoy the trails. There are plenty of hiking trails for campers to explore and peruse. Be sure to check out every pathway. You never know what you’ll see. Nowhere else will you see snowy mountaintops, deserts, jungles, and beaches all within a few miles.
• Know the rules. Understand the rules of the area you’re in. Make sure you get all the needed information about camping in the place you’re at. Make sure you know how to be safe and how to best enjoy your experience.
• Know what land is private and what land is public. There are some hiking restrictions in private areas. Know where you can and where you cannot go.
• Research the area you’re in. Know what you can expect on the island you’re visiting and in the part of the state you’re in.
• Always carry your money and valuables with you when you’re hiking.
• Don’t be overly friendly with the natives. That makes you more vulnerable to theft.
• Bring your camping equipment with you to Hawaii. It should fit on the plane with no problem. If it doesn’t, you’re packing too much.
• Be careful for stinging insects. There are a few on the islands. None are harmful, but they can be hurtful.
• Be sure to take a lantern, candles, a first aid kit, stove, and rain gear. These items will come in handy when you least expect them to.
• If you’re going hiking, be sure to tell a ranger of where you’re heading.
• Don’t try to climb the mountains. The material on the cliffs are brittle and dangerous. Many people get hurt and killed from trying to climb.