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Another bridal shower. Just how many waffle irons does she need? Just how many hours of pounding the pavement to find the “perfect” gift can you take? Search no further! With a few preparatory steps and a choice from the following list of unusual, yet practical shower gifts, you'll be remembered for your good taste and innovation.

First, determine what the bride needs. If you don’t know her personally, check and see if she is registered at a department or house wares store. The registries usually list specific items requested by the bride and groom. But, if it’s a friend or relative who’s tying the knot, you may want to get creative. Ask friends or family for guidance, or if you feel comfortable ask the bride directly what gift she would prefer. Next, ask yourself: is she a pragmatist or a hopeless romantic? Is her taste conservative in nature or does she lean toward the contemporary? The suggestions that follow are sure to please every brand of bride.

Practical Presents

For a gift that will get a lot of mileage, purchase a discount coupon book redeemable in the couple’s honeymoon location. Often, there are two-for-one offers on restaurants, hotels, car rentals and special events. The bride and groom will save bundles of money and have you to thank.

Fill a laundry basket with household cleaning supplies. This handy gift is especially clever when the brand names are part of a cute story about the two lovebirds. Be sure to read it aloud at the shower!

Though not very elegant, a picnic cooler will get many years of use. Or, select a wicker picnic basket and stock it with plastic plates, cups and utensils, and a red checked tablecloth and napkins. Don’t forget to add some candles and a bottle of wine, for a romantic touch.

Construct a cute bride doll of dishtowels and kitchen gadgets for a beautiful and useful centerpiece. Just attach a Styrofoam ball to the point of a Styrofoam cone, and place inside a plastic trash bag stuffed with newspapers. Tie a ribbon around just below the ball to form a neck, and layer dishtowels and dishcloths to create a wedding dress. Use wooden spoons for the arms, and hang other essential utensils from her gown. Finish it off with hair made from copper scrubbers, a lace veil and felt eyes, nose and mouth.

If you’re on a tight budget, give the gift of time. Offer to help the bride line her new kitchen cabinets or help the couple move into their new home. A busy bride might appreciate assistance when assembling and sealing wedding invitations. Or, volunteer to give elderly wedding guests a ride to the ceremony and reception.

Pampering Presents

For a very special gift, order elegant, personalized stationery for the bride. Cards printed with the bride’s name are appropriate for shower thank you notes. The couple’s monogram or the names of both the bride and groom may be used on thank you cards used for wedding presents.

A basket of skin care or bath products is a nice personal gift. Or, select some pretty nightwear, like a romantic robe or a lace nightgown (leave the risqué stuff to the groom). Make the bride’s day and offer her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Provide the bride with some pampering. Gift certificates for a manicure, pedicure, make-up application, hair styling or massage are certain to be appreciated. Splurge on a day at the spa for a day of total beauty. Go together or let the bride go solo. Either way, it’s a great pre-wedding treat.

Don’t stop there! These suggestions were just a springboard for your imagination. Add a few of your own ideas and you’ll see that shower gifts can be as fun to give as they are to receive.