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The Blue and Yellow Macaw is a mystery to humans. We know his homeland is the forest of Central and South America. The macaw is a shy bird towards humans. He is no longer found in human populated areas.

This beautiful bird, with his bright blue and yellow feathers, is a strong flyer. He can be seen flying quickly through the trees of his swampy homeland. Although their colors are bright they blend in with the sun’s rays and blue sky.

There are 328 different species of the parrot. The blue and yellow macaws belong to the parrot family. This beautiful bird has been known to fly as far as fifteen mile to find food. The macaw’s powerful bill can open a variety of nuts other tropical birds can not. Which allows him a variety of foods. The macaws usually eat from the trees they live in. The tropical forest provides fruits, seeds, berries and nuts for the macaw’s diet.

The blue and yellow macaws have kept their breeding habits a secret. It is thought they mate for life. The female lay two eggs in trees high above the ground. The female incubates the eggs for twenty-five days. Both parents join in defending and feeding the young. The chicks are thought to be born blind and featherless. They grow their feathers by two and half months, but stay with their parents up to a year, until they are independent.

There are many threats to the blue and yellow macaw’s wild population. There has been great loss of habitat, and zoo and pet trades have played a great part. Some species are close to extinction.